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Overcoming the GNSS challenges for autonomous vehicles

GNSS provides a crucial input in ADAS and AD systems, but has a legacy of poor performance when in environments like dense urban or under tree cover. We will cover how these difficulties manifest in vehicle automation systems and consider what can be done to mitigate these challenges.

In this webinar, Jez Ellis-Gray, Product Manager at FocalPoint, will help you break down these barriers and discuss how OEMs are overcoming
 these challenges to effectively extend the performance and reliability of hands-free urban driving.
  • Understanding the technical challenging facing ADAS designers: Receiver sensitivity, positioning accuracy, reliability and integrity 
  • Overcoming the roadblocks to mass-market hands-free driving: overcoming the challenges associated with GNSS  
  • Responding to the demands of OEMs: Delivering accurate location analysis through GNSS 

Presentation by Jez Ellis-Gray, Senior Product Manager 
Jez Ellis-Gray is Senior Product Manager at FocalPoint, and leads all things Product. He holds and engineering degree from Loughborough University and brings expertise from Product Design at Dyson and Operations and engineering from Cooper Industries (now Eaton).

Chris Lane, Business Development Lead
Chris has over 20+ years of GNSS experience having worked for both Broadcom and Global Locate. He holds a bachelor of science degree, and as BD lead, he manages customer engagement.