Enabling hands-free driving in dense urban environments

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Enabling Hands-free Driving in Dense Urban Environments

The performance of automated driving systems relies on the combination of high accuracy, high-definition maps and accurate lane-level absolute positioning provided by sensors. GNSS is one of these critical sensors for ADAS, but can be degraded by poor quality satellite signals due to poor quality antennas or due to challenging environmental conditions (attenuation under tree cover, sound walls surrounding roads, tall buildings generating multipath…)
In this talk we explore how a strategic partnership between General Motors and FocalPoint Positioning is overcoming the challenges of traditional GNSS technology and extending the use of automated driving into the above mentioned challenged scenarios.
This talk will covers:
  • The critical role of GNSS based technologies to enable hands-free driver assistance
  • Extending ADAS usage beyond open sky conditions
  • Protection against GNSS spoofing cyber-attacks
Presentation by Manuel Del Castillo, VP Business Development & Ramsey Faragher, Founder and CTO 
Focal Point 

Ramsey has had a distinguished career in PNT, having developed and recommended state-of-the-art improvements to the navigation systems of manned and autonomous platforms in the land, air, sea and space domains. 

Manuel Del Castillo is VP at FocalPoint, leading Business Development in the Automotive, Wearables and Smartphone sectors. He holds an MBA in Business Administration, an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and has over 20 years’ experience in the GNSS industry, having previously worked for semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom.